Quality, Equity, Innovation

Mia Bonta is running for Alameda School Board this November 2018 election. Growing up, Mia moved 13 times in 16 years, and with every move she carried what was most precious to her, a crate of books. For her, those books and the stories they contained, were opportunities to learn about experiences beyond her own. She was also fortunate enough to attend schools that would foster her love of learning, provide academic rigor, allow her to play competitive sports, and most importantly, offer her a caring community of teachers and administrators committed to her growth and success. For Mia, education, was game-changing. Mia wants every child in Alameda to have an inspired education.


 "I grew up in a family of educators and public servants.  I battled poverty and struggled to succeed, and I see myself in every student going through Alameda’s schools:  A child with unlimited potential who deserves to have their learning nurtured in a school that is supported by the community.  I will fight for a school system that benefits every Alameda child and more living wage jobs for our valuable teachers and school employees.  With decades as an educator and advocate, I know what it takes to get things done. I will work for you."