A life of service and activism

Mia Bonta is running for re-election so she can continue representing the East Bay in the State Assembly and working to ensure Californians of all backgrounds get a fair shot. Since her election to the Assembly in August 2021, Mia has pursued a legislative agenda focused on building affordable housing and protecting renters, promoting children’s literacy, stopping gun violence, protecting reproductive justice, and investing in green infrastructure.

Prior to serving in the Assembly, Mia spent her career advocating for children and working families. After moving to Alameda more than 20 years ago, Mia worked for and led several nonprofit organizations focused on improving educational outcomes for low-income students. Mia most recently served as the CEO of Oakland Promise, a cradle-to-college and career preparation initiative across Oakland public schools. She has seen firsthand how the systems in our state — from education and the criminal justice system to health care and housing — often fail to provide for those they’re intended to serve.

Growing up, Mia moved 13 times in 16 years, and with every move she carried what was most precious to her: a crate of books. Education was the one constant in her life, and Mia was fortunate to attend schools that would foster her love of learning and offer her a caring community of teachers and administrators committed to her success. For Mia, education was life-changing, and was what first inspired Mia to become a public servant.

In 2018, Mia was elected to the Alameda Unified School District School Board, and she currently serves as Board President. In addition to her professional work, Mia has served as board member of anti-poverty organization Community Change Action, a PTA member, a member of Alameda Free Library Foundation, and an active community member. Mia also served as a delegate for the district to the California Democratic Party, worked on several campaigns dedicated to electing progressive labor candidates, and served on the AD-18 Advisory Committees for Women, Education, and Early Childhood.

Mia lives in Alameda with her husband Rob and three children, the youngest of whom attend Alameda public schools.