Mia Bonta is running for Alameda School Board in this November 2018 election. 


Growing up, Mia moved 13 times in 16 years, and with every move she carried what was most precious to her, a crate of books. For her, those books and the stories they contained, were opportunities to learn about experiences beyond her own. She was also fortunate enough to attend schools that would foster her love of learning, provide academic rigor, allow her to play competitive sports, and most importantly, offer her a caring community of teachers and administrators committed to her growth and success. For Mia, education, was game-changing.

These experiences in her youth provided a blueprint for Mia’s professional endeavors as an educator and advocate, where she has dedicated 20+ years to public education and providing youth and families with quality educational opportunities at the local, state, and national level. She has done strategic planning for school districts, run middle school to career youth development programs, advocated for children with special education needs, worked in education policy and philanthropy, and currently runs an educational technology startup that supports early learners and their families throughout the Bay Area.

As a candidate and hopeful school board trustee, Mia is deeply passionate about helping our school community thrive, especially around:

  • Fostering a community-held vision for schools of excellence;
  • Ensuring our schools embrace Alameda’s diversity and provide equitable learning opportunities across the island city;
  • Supporting teaching and learning for our 21st century students; and
  • Ensuring our teachers and school staff are recognized and valued for the hard and meaningful work they do in shaping Alameda’s future. 

Mia and her husband Rob have lived in Alameda for 19 years, where she has valued being a part of such an incredibly connected community. They are parents to three school-aged children who have gone to Alameda schools, with the oldest just completing her freshman year at Yale University. She currently serves as School Site Council President at Frank Otis Elementary where her youngest son attends, and has enjoyed being a PTA member and past school site council member, past board member of the Alameda Free Library Foundation, and active community member.


Comments made by a member of #teammia at an August #houseparty

Opening comments by our host, imber Anakata, at her 8/10/2018 #houseparty for my campaign.


Imber: Wyeth astutely realized that I had some time on my hands and Mia Bonta was looking to build her team and it was the best blind date I've ever had when I met with Mia at the Webster St. Starbucks and we chatted. At that meeting, I mostly went on intuition:

  • Can she bring a calming approach to my frenetic energy? - ✔ (okay, enough about me)
  • Does she appear to know what she is in for? - ✔, with spades!
  • Does she have experience with AUSD? does she have kids? - ✔
  • What is her platform? - Quality (yep, i agree) - Equity (ooo, that's tough, I look forward to learning) - Innovation (yes! for sure!) 

And, is she qualified to be the candidate for our School Board? - I decided to take that one offline and do my research at home.


So, I took that one home...


Oh my goodness is she qualified, oh my goodness she has worked her buns off and worked smart for this position!


Are you ready? This is what my husband calls the “blah bla blu bla blahs”


Before moving to Alameda, while Mia was working her way through many many many schools of higher learning, she served for several years as the City Director of Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership in Connecticut, a community based academic and social enrichment program for children and youth ages 7 to 23.


Once her young family settled here on the West Coast, she went right to work for the San Francisco Foundation, first as a program fellow and worked her way up to program resource officer. TSFF has been serving the Bay Area since 1948 and is known for its work in joining donors and building on community assets to collaborate and address community needs in the areas of community health, education, arts & culture, community development, and the environment. My confirmed suspicion is that Mia was heavily involved with the education portion at TSFF.


In 2002, she moved on the Stupski Foundation as the Associate Director for 5 years. Stupski Foundation has as one of its initiatives "serving low income youth".


In 2007, she joined the Breakthrough Collaborative in SF as its CEO - a program designed to help underserved students get college ready; they work to increase academic opportunity for highly motivated, underserved students and get them into college ready to succeed & inspire and develop the next generation of teacher and educational leaders.


... it just keeps going


In 2012 she joined Bring Me a Book Foundation in Mountain View as the Executive Director.


Around the same time, Mia founded her first company, Oyen Consulting. Being self-employed with Oyen Consulting, Mia continues to do strategic planning, growth planning, facilitation, and organizational design/systems design work.


Now, it might not be a coincidence, but in June 2013, Bring Me A Book was identified as one of twelve organizations across the country to receive a Morgan Stanley Challenge grant, and began work with a dedicated team of Morgan Stanley strategists that focused over 800 hours of pro bono time to develop the LitTab pilot. Continuing as the Executive Director of Bring Me a Book Foundation, Mia integrated all of this knowledge and experience into her next venture, LitLab.


So, the fact that all this rolled into Mia founding LitLab and now changing the lives of so many underserved children in our Country, is amazing and stupendous…


but, what matters for us? What matters for Alamedans?


What matters is the “HOW?”. Results are awesome and tangible, in most cases. But, Mia actually knows how to do the things necessary to inform all of us and any/all committees on the best course of action… then, she also has the experience to know how to execute those plans…


Mia is the whole package and I am honored to have her in my life, in my home, and I am so honored that y’all came tonight for the pie and ice cream and to meet Mia.